Rose Petal Rabbitry Specializing in Mini Rex Rabbits

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Nest Box


Family Pride's Chocaholic  

 Rose Petal's Take A Chill Pill

Date Born: December 3rd

Date to Be Weaned: February 28th

Kits: 2 Black Does

       2 Black Bucks

Comments: We will be keeping 1 doe and 1 buck.  All kits will carry chocolate and possibly dilute.

Family Pride's Chocaholic  

 Tri Adventure's Covergirl

Date Born: December 3rd

Date to Be Weaned: January 28th

Kits: 2 Booted Castor Does

       1 Castor Buck

      1 Amber/Harlequin Buck

Comments: We will be keeping 1 doe, and the Amber/Harlequin Buck.  All kits will carry chocolate, wide band, and possibly dilute.

Family Pride's Chocaholic  

 Shad's Little Miss Muffet

Date to Be Weaned: February 28th

Kits: 2 Black Does

       1 Broken Black Buck

      1 Broken Blue Buck 

Comments: We will be keeping 1 doe.  All kit carry chocolate, all black based carry dilute.  

Family Pride's Chocaholic  

  GC Berlena's Frenemy

Date to Be Weaned: Februaru 28th

Kits: 2 Broken Black Bucks

       1 Broken Black Doe

Comments: We will be keeping the doe.  All kits carry chocolate and dilute.

Bred Does

King's Wrench

GC Berlena's Blueness

Date Bred: November 28th

Date Due: December 30th

Crossed: BEW X BEW

Colors Expected: BEW

The Burrow's Pladypus

Somebody's Little Deer

Date Bred: December 1st

Date Due: January 1st

Crossed: Red X Red

Colors Expected: Red

Lickity Split Hoppers Sergeant York

Buehler's Shot Of Bourbon

Date Bred: December 1st

Date Due: January 1st

Crossed: Sable Point X Seal

Colors Expected: Sable


                      Sable Point